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Second Amendment Win in Federal Court, Attorney General Jeff Landry Responds

BATON ROUGE, LA - Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry is praising a decision made today by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals which reaffirmed the Second Amendment rights of American citizens.

Duncan v. Becerra challenged an attempt by California legislators to ban extremely common magazines for firearms. To protect against this unlawful encroachment of citizen’s gun rights, AG Landry submitted a friend of the court brief by Louisiana and 17 other states. Today, these efforts were victorious.

“I applaud the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals for upholding the Second Amendment,” said AG Landry. “California’s law did not increase public safety; rather, it was yet another radical attempt to restrict citizens’ constitutional rights.”

“As we pointed out in our amicus brief: many guns purchased by citizens for self-defense hold more than ten rounds as do virtually all the guns utilized by law enforcement officers throughout California and the rest of America,” continued AG Landry.

“Today’s win is a major victory, but our fight is far from over as liberal lawmakers across the country persist in their attempts to legislatively overrule our constitutional rights. But law-abiding Louisianans and Americans can rest assured that I too will persist in fighting to uphold our right to bear arms,” concluded AG Landry.