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Attorney General Jeff Landry Fighting Back Against IRS Intrusion

Louisiana Joins Coalition Calling for Withdrawal of Big Brother-Mandate

BATON ROUGE, LA – Fighting to protect the financial freedom of Louisiana citizens, Attorney General Jeff Landry is pushing back against the Biden Administration’s unconstitutional banking surveillance plan. Attorney General Landry has joined 19 of his fellow state attorneys general in calling for an immediate end to a proposal that would allow the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) access to every citizen’s bank account with a balance of at least $600 and exceeds $600 per year in transactions.

“Joe Biden’s federal government combing through almost every American’s bank account without cause – or even suspicion – is unacceptable, illegal, and contrary to the well-founded constitutional principles against illegal searches and seizures,” said Attorney General Landry. “I will do all that I can to fight this reckless authoritarianism and protect the people of Louisiana, their property, and their privacy.”

In a letter to Biden and his Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, Attorney General Landry and his colleagues argue the policy is at best overly burdensome and at worst illegal. “As the chief legal officers of our states, we find this proposal wholly unacceptable and oppose any requirement of its kind.”

The attorneys general argue the proposal seeks to leverage private transaction information by effectively transforming banks into large-scale data processors for the IRS, forcing the banks to provide private information regarding common transactions such as rent payments, paying for groceries, and other transactions that are part of everyday life of Americans who have done nothing wrong, are not under suspicion of having done anything illegal and for which the government has no evidence or reason to believe are guilty of civil or criminal violations.

“It has become all too common for the Biden Administration to disregard the Constitution in their attempt to break the middle class,” concluded Attorney General Landry. “In addition to violating the law, the IRS proposal would not only lay an enormous burden on local and community banks in Louisiana but also punish their consumers with higher fees and rates or less access to banking services.”


Joining Attorney General Landry in the letter were the attorneys general of Georgia, Idaho, Utah, Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Florida, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas, and West Virginia.