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Congress Should Oppose Legislation Harming Louisiana Energy Producers

AG Jeff Landry Urges Against Tax Increase on Burdened Louisiana Consumers


BATON ROUGE, LA – Attorney General Jeff Landry is urging the U.S. Senate to oppose the Methane Emissions Reduction Act, legislation which would require an $1800 tax be charged to oil and gas producers for every ton of methane emissions. A similar provision is included in the U.S. House version of the Build Back Better Act, which proposes a $1500 tax for every ton of methane emissions.

“Another day, another Radical Left proposal to attack American energy and punish the lower and middle classes,” said Attorney General Landry, who recently wrote the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works and the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources on this issue. “Consumers are already burdened by Bidenflation; they cannot afford yet another tax increase.”


“These proposed fees would not only hurt Louisiana natural gas producers and lead to significant economic damage throughout our State, but also add to soaring gas prices and past due utility bills that have piled up to record levels since the pandemic began,” continued Attorney General Landry. “With analysts predicting natural gas bills could be 30% higher than previous years, this methane tax could be devastating or even deadly during the ‘heating season’ of winter,”


Data from industry experts shows that the $1800 fee could impose a cost of $14.4 billion and affect as many as 155,000 jobs.

"The Louisiana oil and gas industry, which employs hundreds of thousands of our neighbors, contributes both necessary products to consumers and critical tax revenues for coastal restoration and hurricane protection; attacks on the industry like this methane tax will have devastating and far-reaching impacts upon the residents of Louisiana,” concluded Attorney General Landry. “I urge Congress to reject this ill-advised policy and instead focus on affordable energy solutions.”