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Continuing Efforts to Protect Personal Freedom, Attorney General Jeff Landry Urges Legislature to Repeal Rule LDH Used to Amend Immunization Schedule

Attorney General Landry, Representative Crews Previously Filed Lawsuit Against Governor Edwards’ LDH Rule Mandating Students Get COVID Shot

BATON ROUGE, LA – Attorney General Jeff Landry, Louisiana’s leading advocate for personal freedom throughout COVID-19, is today calling on the Legislature to pass House Concurrent Resolution Number 3.

The resolution by House Committee on Health & and Welfare Chairman Bagley repeals the portion of the Louisiana Department of Health rule that adds the COVID-19 shot to the current immunization schedule and requires that “each individual entering or attending any school within the state in-person shall present to such school satisfactory evidence of having received vaccination(s) ... including any booster doses ... for [COVID-19].”

“This resolution presents you with an opportunity to not only ensure that students entering or attending school in August of 2022 are not mandated or harassed into receiving the COVID-19 shot, but also preserve state resources by eliminating the need for litigation,” wrote Attorney General Landry to House Speaker Schexnayder, Senate President Cortez, Chairman Bagley, and Chairman Mills.

Attorney General Landry noted that while his lawsuit with Representative Crews challenging the rule was filed immediately after the Governor overrode the Legislature’s disapproval of said rule, “we are all too familiar with the sluggish speed of the judicial process. This places parents around Louisiana who wish to exercise their own decisions as to the health and welfare of their children in a state of anxiety as the litigation plays out.”

“I will continue to do my part in stopping the unauthorized exercise of legislative authority by the Governor and his LDH, but only the legislative branch can provide these parents and children with immediate relief from the COVID-19 shot requirement imposed by the LDH,” added Attorney General Landry. “I urge you to support this resolution to protect the rights of children and parents in the upcoming school year.”