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  • 9/24/2020

Caring for The Deceased After Hurricane Laura

AG Jeff Landry: If our State’s people need assistance with locating or repairing a loved one’s grave displaced due to Hurricane Laura, I encourage them to please contact our office at 225-326-6056 or

  • 9/18/2020

Mer Rouge Man Arrested for Internet Crimes Against Children

AG Jeff Landry: We will continue to collaborate with our local, state, and federal partners to bring child predators to justice. We are committed to using every tool we have to aggressively pursue those who wish to harm our children.

  • 9/18/2020

Two Vermilion Parish Men Arrested For Possession Of Child Pornography

AG Jeff Landry: Every time a child sexual abuse image or video is viewed, that child is re-victimized. So my office and I will continue to do all we legally can to protect those children from further harm.

  • 9/15/2020

Hundreds of Former ITT Students to Receive Millions in Debt Relief

AG Jeff Landry: This settlement will provide much-needed relief to many Louisiana students who incurred debts for questionable education because of unethical and illegal lending practices.

  • 9/9/2020

Attorney General Jeff Landry Asking Public for Help Amid Child Pornography Arrest In New Orleans

AG Jeff Landry: This is an ongoing investigation. I encourage anyone with information regarding Vicek Kannan, to call my Cyber Crime Unit toll-free at 1-800-256-4506; callers may remain anonymous.

  • 9/3/2020

Two Arrested in St. John on Child Exploitation Charges

AG Jeff Landry: Crimes against children are among the most heinous acts imaginable. My office and I will continue doing everything we legally can to find and arrest child predators throughout our State.

  • 9/2/2020

Crowley Woman Convicted on Election Fraud Charge

AG Jeff Landry: Maintaining voter integrity is the cornerstone of free and fair elections. My office will continue to protect this process and our most vulnerable citizens. Today’s conviction further supports my belief that every valid, legal vote cast should be counted.

  • 8/14/2020

Second Amendment Win in Federal Court, Attorney General Jeff Landry Responds

AG Jeff Landry: I applaud the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals for upholding the Second Amendment. California’s law did not increase public safety; rather, it was yet another radical attempt to restrict citizens’ constitutional rights.

  • 8/12/2020

Open Meetings in Light of COVID-19 (SUPPLEMENTED 8/12/20)

Attorney General Jeff Landry has issued supplemental guidance on the Open Meetings Law to assist Louisiana Public Bodies during the current Public Health Emergency.

  • 8/10/2020

Bipartisan Group of State Attorneys General Urge Congress to Protect Senior Victims of Fraud

AG Jeff Landry: Scam artists know that seniors are especially at risk from COVID-19, and these criminals are despicably targeting our elderly who are isolated at home or separated from their families and support networks. Our elected officials in Washington should recognize this public safety crisis and cast aside partisan politics to deliver for our seniors, especially during these perilous times.

  • 8/4/2020

Louisiana & California Attorneys General Lead Major Bipartisan Effort to Help People Infected with COVID-19

AG Jeff Landry: Protecting the public during this pandemic does not need to be partisan; and I am grateful that General Becerra and our colleagues from across the political aisles have come together in this cause. Americans ill from COVID-19 should have options in their medical treatment, and today’s petition will hopefully ensure they can access and afford remdesivir.

  • 7/31/2020

VICTORY: Legal Challenge to Louisiana’s Pro-Life Laws Dropped

AG Jeff Landry: Today’s news is a victory for Louisiana women, and I congratulate Solicitor Liz Murrill and her team for yet another win in our efforts to protect Louisiana women and girls from unsafe conditions in abortion clinics.

  • 7/9/2020

Consumers Should Be On Lookout For Recently Recalled Child Products

AG Jeff Landry: I am committed to protecting Louisiana families.I encourage all Louisiana parents and guardians to learn about these recalled child products so our State’s children may be safer.

  • 6/30/2020

Amid Child Pornography Arrest in St. Charles Parish, Attorney General Jeff Landry Asking Public For Help

AG Jeff Landry: This is an ongoing investigation. I encourage anyone with information regarding Daniel Salazar to call my Cyber Crime Unit toll-free at 1-800-256-4506; callers may remain anonymous.

  • 6/29/2020

Supreme Court Reverses Fifth Circuit, Attorney General Jeff Landry Responds

AG Jeff Landry: By putting precedent over patients, Justice Roberts gave his vote to a decision that ignored the overwhelming bipartisan support of Act 620 and the extensive record of Louisiana abortion providers’ history of medical malpractice, disciplinary actions, and violations of health and safety standards.

  • 6/5/2020

Florida Lifts Restrictions on Louisiana Travelers

AG Jeff Landry: I thank Governor DeSantis and General Moody for not only recognizing the success our State has made slowing the spread of Coronavirus but also, and most especially, for removing the travel restrictions that had been placed on Louisiana travelers. Many Louisiana citizens travel to Florida to visit family, conduct business, or get much-needed vacations; today’s declaration helps make those movements a lot easier.

  • 6/2/2020

Attorney General Jeff Landry Alerts Citizens that Some in Louisiana Will Receive Stimulus Money on Debit Cards

AG Jeff Landry: The federal government is indeed sending debit cards to some people, and those recipients should follow all directions provided with the prepaid cards.

  • 5/31/2020

Restarting Louisiana Businesses at Same Level Playing Field

After a flattening the curve and a slowing of the spread of the Coronoavirus, Attorney General Jeff Landry has joined legislators in asking the Governor to re-open our State and unleash the entrepreneurial spirit of Louisiana’s hard-working people.

  • 5/27/2020

Medicaid Recipients in Nursing Homes Are Entitled to Keep Stimulus Checks

AG Jeff Landry: It is imperative these stimulus checks go to those who rightfully belong to them. Any illegal seizure of these funds should be immediately reported to my Medicaid Fraud Control Unit.

  • 5/22/2020

Hundreds of Millions in Relief Announced for Subprime Auto Loan Consumers

AG Jeff Landry: Thousands of consumers were exposed to unnecessarily high levels of risk when they were placed into auto loans with a high probability of default. This settlement with the auto loan giant not only provides relief to those consumers, but also requires Santander to factor in a consumer’s ability to pay a loan into its underwriting in the future.