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  • 2/14/2022

Online Daters Offered Safety Tips by Attorney General Jeff Landry

AG Jeff Landry: Consumers lost more than $547 million to romance scams in 2021 – up nearly 80% from 2020. It is imperative for online daters to learn how to identify scammers in order to protect their hearts and their treasures.

  • 2/11/2022

Federal Court Halts Biden’s Social Cost of Carbon, Attorney General Jeff Landry Claims Another Victory for the American Economy and Way of Life

AG Jeff Landry: While our fight is far from over, I am pleased the Court granted preliminary relief against the President’s unacceptable and unauthorized executive overreach.

  • 2/11/2022

Super Bowl is Sunday, Attorney General Jeff Landry Offering Safety Tips to Those Wishing to Bet on Big Game

AG Jeff Landry: I highly encourage sports fans to take precaution if they want to place bets on their computers and on their phones.

  • 2/8/2022

Fighting Crime in Baton Rouge, Attorney General Jeff Landry’s Office Helps Arrest Four Illegal Immigrants Accused of Armed Robbery

AG Jeff Landry: It is high time the folks in Washington support the efforts of Louisiana's brave law enforcement officers.

  • 2/4/2022

AG Jeff Landry Continues Fight for Healthcare Heroes

AG Jeff Landry: The CMS vaccination rule remains a misguided, one-size-fits-all, job-killing directive that does not account for any change in circumstances – including how the vaccines do not stop the transmission of the Omicron variant

  • 2/3/2022

Redistricting Lawsuit Dismissed by Court of Appeal

AG Jeff Landry: Legislative sovereignty remains intact. I am pleased the court made it clear that the proper venue for these legal matters is our State’s Capital City, not New Orleans.

  • 2/2/2022

State of Louisiana Makes Legal Move to Join Lawsuit Against New Orleans COVID Mandates

AG Jeff Landry: Through her coercive tactics, the Mayor of New Orleans is trying to interfere with the healthcare choices of families. I hope the lawsuit successfully ends this attempt to force a medical procedure on these citizens.

  • 1/29/2022

Kayla Giles Convicted of Second-Degree Murder

AG Jeff Landry: Today, justice was served to Kayla Giles by a jury of her peers in Rapides Parish. I pray her conviction provides some healing and closure to the victim's family.

  • 1/21/2022

Attorney General Jeff Landry Remarks on Roe vs Wade Anniversary

AG Jeff Landry: I will continue to defend our laws that ensure the health and safety of women and girls from incompetent abortion providers who put profits over patients.

  • 1/13/2022

SCOTUS Makes Decisions on Biden COVID Mandates, Attorney General Jeff Landry Responds

AG Jeff Landry: While I am ecstatic the Supreme Court agreed with us and upheld our victory at the Fifth Circuit over OSHA’s mandate on private businesses, I am extremely concerned about the expansive power the Court has now given to the Secretary of HHS under the most flimsy regulatory authority.

  • 1/13/2022

Settlement with Student Loan Servicer Navient Announced by Attorney General Jeff Landry

AG Jeff Landry: I am proud to not only bring relief to Louisiana borrowers, but also establish protections to prevent Navient from preying on students in the future.

  • 1/6/2022

Biden’s COVID Shot Mandate for Healthcare Workers Goes Before United States Supreme Court Tomorrow

AG Jeff Landry: The rule of law is on our side, and I look forward to preventing the federal government from imposing medical tyranny on our citizens and turning last year's healthcare heroes into this year's unemployed.

  • 12/20/2021

Biden Targets Head Start in Latest COVID Mandate, AG Jeff Landry Files Suit to Protect Children and Teachers

AG Jeff Landry: My office has had great success in blocking Biden's mandates on many hard-working Americans, and we will work tirelessly to achieve the same victories for toddlers and teachers.

  • 12/13/2021

Attorney General Jeff Landry Advocates for Crime Victims, Joins Bipartisan Coalition Opposing Efforts to Weaken Laws against Human Trafficking and Sexual Abuse

AG Jeff Landry: We cannot allow criminals to have more protection than the victims they traumatize.

  • 12/6/2021

LDH Rule Mandating COVID-19 Shot for Students Rejected

AG Jeff Landry: These types of policies should be decided by the people through their representatives not by medical czars or by executive fiat. I challenge the Governor to accept the will of the people.

  • 12/3/2021

Melanie Curtin Convicted of Rape

AG Jeff Landry: Today, justice was served to Melanie Curtin by a jury of her peers in Livingston Parish. I pray her conviction provides some healing and closure to the crime victim.

  • 12/1/2021

Supreme Court Oral Arguments Today in Important Abortion Case

AG Jeff Landry: The Constitution is clear: there is no right to abortion and the powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

  • 11/30/2021

MAJOR BREAKING NEWS: Federal Court Halts Biden's Attack On Healthcare Workers, AG Jeff Landry Claims Another Victory Over Vaccine Mandate

AG Jeff Landry: I will see this case through to the end – fighting every step of the way to prevent the federal government from imposing medical tyranny on our citizens and turning last year's healthcare heroes into this year's unemployed

  • 11/23/2021

Court of Appeals Keeps Convicted Murder Behind Bars

AG Jeff Landry: As crime rates rise in Louisiana and across the country, my office will continue to do all we can to protect Louisiana citizens and ensure they are not subject to further harm from violent offenders.

  • 11/22/2021

LDH Proposes COVID Shot Mandates for All Students

AG Jeff Landry: I have written the Legislature laying out instructions on how to curtail this latest overreach and abuse by the Governor. It is my hope that our elected representatives act in the protection of our medical freedoms.