Public Protection

We protect the interests of the State of Louisiana when it comes to consumer rights, complex litigation, insurance oversight, and fair housing

What We Do

Our job is to protect consumers from unfair and deceptive trade practices. As part of these efforts, we handle complaints from consumers about businesses, resolve disputes, administer and enforce fair housing laws, manage insurance liquidations, and enforce state laws related to tobacco sales.

Our Director

Mike Dupree has spent over 15 years in service to Louisiana. In his current role, he has pursued claims for the State mostly focused on consumer protection, unfair trade practices, and various settlements related to tobacco, vaping, and opioids.

Consumer Protection

We administer business and charity registrations, pursue civil enforcement actions in the public interest, and keep consumers informed with various alerts and publications.

Consumer Disputes

To report unfair or deceptive practices, file a dispute or call our hotline at 1-800-351-4889. We address civil matters, not criminal conduct.


Quarterly newsletter on recalled children’s products from CPSC, in compliance with Louisiana Children’s Product Act.

Security Breach Notification

The Louisiana Administrative Code mandates notifying the Attorney General of security breaches impacting Louisiana residents.


Charitable organizations must register annually with the Attorney General’s Office if using a professional solicitor.

Tenant Laws

Get our guide for landlords and tenants that outlines your rights and responsibilities when renting, moving, or resolving problems.


CAFA mandates notifying the Attorney General’s Office about settlements in Class Action Fairness Act (CAFA) cases.

Antitrust Litigation

As part of our Public Protection Division, the LADOJ handles a number of cases related to fraud, unfair business practices, deceptive marketing, antitrust issues, and products and/or services that endanger the people of Louisiana. While most of these settlements recoup damages to the State, some do include consumer restitution.

Securities and Insurance

The Securities and Insurance Section oversees all insurance liquidations in Louisiana while conducting legal work, supervising counsel, and collaborating with the Department of Insurance. Throughout this process, our staff conduct research, review legal bills, and manage case plans — all funded completely through self-generated revenues.

Equal Housing Opportunity

Our office administers and enforces the Louisiana Equal Housing Opportunity Act to combat discrimination in housing transactions. We encourage individuals to report incidents through our Online Fair Housing Complaint Form. From there, our specialists review complaints, and contacting filers for additional details. If a potential violation is identified, we assist in filing an official housing discrimination complaint.

File a Complaint

Tobacco Unit

The Tobacco Unit enforces the Master Settlement Agreement (MSA) and Louisiana tobacco statutes while collaborating with state agencies for oversight. The MSA, initiated in 1998, imposes health-related restrictions and annual payments on tobacco manufacturers, benefiting programs like TOPS. The unit maintains a directory of approved tobacco products and provides additional resources for compliance.

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Sellers & Agents

Business Opportunity Sellers & Agents must maintain a surety bond with the LADOJ before conducting any business in this state.

Going-Out-of-Business Sales

A going-out-of-business sale is meant to dispose of all goods due to ceasing or relocating business, which requires a license.

Professional Solicitors

Professional solicitors raise funds for charities and must register with the Louisiana Attorney General, paying a fee and filing a bond.

Credit Repair Services

The Credit Repair Services Organization Act mandates registration, a $100,000 surety bond, and compliance with various requirements.

Charities & Solicitors

Under Louisiana law, charitable organizations that use a professional solicitor are required to register annually with the Attorney General’s Office.

Telephonic Sellers

Telephonic sellers must annually register with the Department of Justice, paying a $150 fee and maintaining a $50,000 surety bond.

Athlete Agents

Athlete agents must register annually with the Public Protection Division before contacting athletes. Registration includes a $100 fee.

Multi-Level Marketers

MLMs must register with the Consumer Protection Section, complying with specific notification requirements.