Attorney General Liz Murrill and others receive nationwide injunction against HHS’s new gender identity rule for healthcare providers

Attorney General Liz Murrill along with a coalition of 15 other states attorneys general won a nationwide stay and preliminary injunction against the Biden Administration’s new regulations interpreting Section 1557 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act’s prohibition of discrimination on the basis of sex or gender.

Securing this preliminary injunction stops the Biden administration from enforcing a rule that would expand sex-based discrimination to include gender identity and other “sex characteristics.” 

Judge Louis Guirola of the Southern District of Mississippi issued the order Wednesday morning, and the stay and preliminary injunction applies nationwide.

This new rule would have gone into effect on Friday, and would force Louisiana doctors to accept Biden’s gender-identity agenda or risk losing all federal funding. 

The states argued that HHS’s May 2024 Rule would require Plaintiffs to “use taxpayer funds to pay for unproven and costly gender-transition interventions through Medicaid and state health plans — even for children who may suffer irreversible harms.”

The court stated that interpreting the word “sex” to include gender identity would create contradictions and ambiguity within Title IX and other regulations.

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