Join Our Team and Fight for Louisiana

About Our Office

As the State’s chief legal officer, the Attorney General represents the people of Louisiana as a whole, protecting the public interests of the larger community from those who wish to damage, injure, silence, or defraud it. We do this through the work of eight divisions:

AdministrativeCivilCriminalFederalismGamingInvestigationLitigationPublic Protection

What We Do

We defend the people of Louisiana as well as our natural resources by enforcing the laws as written, advocating for new policies, and issuing legal opinions.

Our Mission

We fight federal overreach, unconstitutional mandates, and crimes within our State to protect our citizens, our way of life, and our rights as Americans.

Our Role

We answer complex legal questions that affect Louisiana while also serving as a resource to the people of this State through various initiatives and programs.

Our Offer

We provide opportunities to defend Louisiana at various levels and appeal to a broad ranger of interests. If you’d like to join our team and fight for Louisiana, apply today.

Our Office Has Defended:

Agriculture • Environment • Energy • Students • Religious Liberties • Gun Rights • Women & Children • Veterans • Healthcare Rights • Economic Opportunity • Homeowners • Consumers • Elders • Public Safety • Free Speech • Election Integrity • State Sovereignty • And So Much More!